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« Some day, I will follow his steps »

My first memories of wanderlust go back to a long time ago when we received packages filled with souvenirs that my brother sent us during the various stages of his first world tour, and I remember thinking « Some day, I will follow his steps! ». Since then, my passion for travel and foreign cultures has kept increasing and traveling the world quickly became one of my priorities.
I’d define myself as epicurean and adventurous; I enjoy having a cosmopolitan on a New-York rooftop as much as fishing for piranhas in the Amazon; I am a true perfectionist and some would say that I am demanding and meticulous. Now as far as my high school sweetheart is concerned, his sense of direction, his flawless knowledge of the field, the 6 languages ​​in which he can express himself and his passion for photography make him the ideal partner in crime.

We always organize ourselves in order to make the most of each of our trips. After defining a route that matches our desires we like to take a lot of time to read about our next destinations. We compare and evaluate extensively all transportation, accommodation, food options and activities, plan to visit the main attractions as well as those less known to the public, test the new trendy places, and ensure that we have genuine addresses by for example leveraging our extensive network, all this in order to enjoy our destination to the fullest.

That mentality allowed us to gain extensive experience of the most beautiful destinations in the world, throughout the time spent on the road during business assignments abroad, our one-year honeymoon throughout the Americas, as well as countless holiday spent by ourselves, together with friends, or since we started a family with our children. For a few years we have also been sharing this passion by assisting others in organizing their trips.S icon

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