Where did you find the beautiful photographs that illustrate your website?

All pictures used on this website and social networks have been taken by us during our various travels. Thank you for not copying them and please contact us if you would like to make any use of them.

Why should I use your services?

You want to make sharper, different holidays, or have limited time to spend with your research. Using a holiday planner for your trip will save you time, and you will enjoy the knowledge of enthusiastic experts, as well as ensure that what is provided completely matches your needs.

How much do your services cost?

We usually charge a fee between 150 to 400 USD depending on the duration of the trip. It is based on a trip for two people and special discounts apply for additional participants, children as well as group celebrations such as bachelor(ette) parties, for example.

If I already know my destination, can I still ask for your services?

Of course! We’ll help you get the most out of the place you choose.

I like doing my research on the internet…

Internet is a great tool, but it does not replace personal knowledge of a place and experience. Lots of information is also found and it sometimes is contradictory. Finally, the constantly changing market can make the information outdated and despite the hours spent surfing, it is often difficult to make a clear opinion.

Holidays are already expensive …

We are well aware of it, and that’s precisely why we take the necessary time to compare prices and provide solutions at the best possible price.
Unlike travel agents, you are more than a customer number to us and your holiday, we organize it as if it was our own. 

I do not like organized tours …

You are involve in the whole preparation of our customized recommendations. Moreover, unlike a tour, we do not include a timed planning and you can organize your time during your holiday however you want.

I want to go to a place that you know less…

No problem, we will conduct extensive research and consult a specialist of the area. If despite this, it is impossible to provide a value-added service, we unfortunately have no other choice but to turn-down the mandate.

I want to hear about your experience…

Under the feedback section, you’ll find testimonials of customers who trusted us with their most valuable asset: their time

OK, I’m convinced (e). How do we organize my next Scape?

After your initial contact (here or there), we schedule a free initial consultation (face to face or by telephone). We will discuss your needs and desires in order to get to know you and be able to advise you better. This will also allow you to see who we are and what kind of service we offer.
You will receive from us a quote and we will start preparing your travel plan upon receipt of a deposit of 50%.
In the next phase, we work for you by getting involved as often as necessary in order to provide you with recommendations closer to your needs.
Once your travel plan is finalized, we set-up a second interview for the delivery and the explanation your travel plan, as well as the payment of the remaining 50%.

How will my finished product be delivered?

Your travel plan is the document that includes practical information on your future Scape. You will find all of the recommendations we have prepared, the necessary contact information to book directly with the various providers and the details of what will have to be set up directly from the holiday location. We can either send it by paper or electronic form.

Can we make adjustments to our travel plan?

If we missed something or if the options are no longer available within 3 days after the delivery of your travel plan, we will adapt it accordingly.

I would also like you to book my trip, is this possible?

Yes, we offer booking assistance for a fee of 50 CHF per trip.


Have a great trip!

Couldn’t find what you were looking for? Use the contact form and we will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

Interested? Give it a try!


NB Our independent advice consists of recommendations.  you solely take the decision to purchase the same way as you would have done without using our services. Any problems and/or incident between you and a service provider is no responsibility for yourescapes.


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