The one and only Mozzarella

My goal is to search for activities that will transform a holiday into an unforgettable experience, and digging deep into the food culture of a region is always a big hit. During this trip to my home country, I chose to investigate on one of its gems:

the world famous mozzarella di bufala

So, I did my homework and found friendly traditional producers who took us through the whole process of how they produce this italian gastronomy’s flagship.
Let’s start with a little video I shot, that shows the amazing making of this « white gold », as they like to call it:

Beautiful, right? Now let’s go through a few facts and advice to enjoy its taste to the fullest:

Where does it come from?

It is produced in the Italian region of Campania and its surroundings. Since 1996 its name and designation of origin are protected.

What does its name mean?

It derives from the local term mozzare, which means to cut off. Just like here above. Keep in mind that this paste that they are « mozzing » is 90degrees hot!

When is the best time to eat it?

Purists will tell you that it should be eaten on the same day it was made. Also some say that the mozzarella produced during the colder months are less tasty, since the buffaloes change their diet.

What are the most common mistakes that I shouldn’t make when it comes to bufala?
  • Keeping it in the fridge

The retailers are forced to keeping it in the fridge for sanitary reasons. Once you purchase one, let is sit in its water in your kitchen and eat it during your next meal.

  • Eating it cold

If you still want to keep it in your fridge, then before eating it take it back to 20 degrees (Celsius) in a little « Bain Marie ».

  • Trying to make a fancy dish with it

The best way to enjoy its unique distinctive taste is to eat it in the raw, but tomatoes, basil and Parma ham are good pairings.

Travel is not only about seeing new places. I always encourage friends and clients to learn as much about their destination’s culture as possible. For example: Next time you taste an awesome wine at a romantic dinner, go one step further and visit the producer’s estate to see that actual grape grow! That’s the spirit.

That’s it for me, I’m leaving Italy but will be back in only a few weeks to share with you the treasures of another region.

If you want your next trip to be different, just contact us 😉

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