My 5 best topless escapes

They say that tan lines fade, but memories last forever. Are you looking to erase the first while building the second?

Here are our tested and approved favorite spots for topless or even skinny-dipping.

(Of course, respect of local rules and use of eco-friendly sunscreen is advised! 😋)

Ibiza, Spain

We love Ibiza for a weekend or two weeks, for a quiet family getaway or a party marathon…

It has a mix of large and secluded beaches, and its hippie heritage makes topless bathing totally acceptable on the island. If you know us you are aware of our extreme pickiness with beaches, and in Ibiza we tend to favour the southern half, with less waves and a clearer waters.



Sardinia, Italy

Home to some beaches that can easily be mistaken for their Caribbean cousins, Sardinia is the perfect place for finding yourself a beautiful spot where you’re all alone and enjoying yourself all day long. You might just have to walk a while and climb a couple of rocks to find it, which adds to the adventurous feeling. By the way avoid August, way too crowded.



Bocas del Toro, Panama

This Panamean archipelago of small islands with luxurious vegetation and a laid-back local crowd gives you just the necessary privacy to re-connect with mother nature. Check out playa las Estrellas, with a high concentration of large, beautiful starfish.



Montezuma, Costa Rica

Another laid-back beach village like so many in Central America. Next to it, on the northern side is a beautiful long (very long) beach and the further you walk, the more you will feel alone in this paradise.



Tulum, Mexico

Too often considered as a one-day trip from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, Tulum is worth spending a few days there in order to visit its ruins before the arrival of the crowds and then chill for the rest of the day on the stunning Sian Ka’an beaches. Here also, the further you’ll walk from the main entrance the more freedom you will feel.



Amalfi coast (technically not a beach), Italy

Even though Naples is one of our favorite destinations, we have to say that there is virtually no beach on one of its gems, the Amalfi coast. We advise you rent a boat for the day (no license required) and enjoy the view of the likes of Positano, Amalfi and Sorrento from the sea while taking a dip in the cristal clear waters whenever and however you want!



Bonus tip: Any French beach

Haven’t we all been in that position where girls are there just looking at each other until one has the courage to remove her top? France is one of the few countries where you might actually see more girls topless than covered, which helps you feel more comfortable. Any of their beaches would do (like Saint Jean de Luz pictured Below) even though we have recently been favoring Pampelonne.



How about you, what’s your favorite secluded beach?

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