The Ultimate Gift For a New Mom

When comes May, we all wonder how we are going to reward the mothers around us. This can be a difficult task, specially if it is the 1st time… Save your man some trouble and have him get you one of the best new mom gifts there is:

The birth of a new child is a beautiful thing that transforms your household in a beautiful way (except for that nursing pillow and bouncing chair that totally de-fengshuis your living room).

That being said, regardless of how you lived your pregnancy your body and nerves have been transformed too and they can always use a little treat; we found exactly what you need in Evian, mostly known for its famous mineral water that comes directly from the neighboring Alps. 

Little know that it also hosts a luxury resort, where we spent 3 perfect days after the birth of our second child.

The concept is quite simple, yet efficient: Mornings are dedicated to spending time with your children and together with a specialist, you learn modern techniques of newborn-communication and how to massage your baby, a wonderful experience. And then come the afternoons, where it is all about you. The parents can relax at the spa and have 1or 2 different treatment planned for each day, while the children are taken care of by professionals at the kids club within the hotel’s facility. Meals are served at the restaurant where there is no shortage of fancy dishes and a winelist that will make you want to quit breastfeeding as soon as you take a look at it. 

Then comes the accomodation… The rooms in the 4-star hotel are spacious, functional and everything has been made to make the stay with children as easy and relaxing as it can get. We went for the Junior Suite in order to have plenty of space for the 4 of us, but a standard room would have been enough had we gone there with one kid only. 

Here’s what it looked like:

Ce diaporama nécessite JavaScript.

Of course nothing’s perfect, and even though the standards here are high the staff could give a little more attention to detail. Our feedback was taken very seriously by their higher management who told us they were taking the appropriate measures in order to really make their guests feel like at home.

We know from experience that travelling with kids sometimes seems to be even more exhausting than your actual work, particularly when we are talking about several, small, demanding ones. So spending lots of quality time altogether at the pool, learning how to interact with the newest addition to the family and yet having a few minutes each day to be pampered while you know your little ones are under good watch made this the perfect family getaway!

Tempted? Do not even think of going there without visiting the rest of the area! In the winter you can easily get to the famous ski-resorts of Avoriaz, Megeve or Chamonix (all less than 1.5 hour drive), while the hotter months are best for city-breaking with Geneva is only 50km away, while an 1hour boat ride across the lake will take you to Lausanne. 

Happy Mother’s day!!!

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P.S. Just to be clear no one there knew who I was (actually, no one knows who I am…) or that I was going to be writing a piece about them. This article is just My opinion of My stay that was paid for with My money…

*For those who really feel like splurging, the same complex also has a 5 star hotel that was sadly under renovation while we were there, but it will re-open this summer.

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